What we do

Aegis Strategic’s mission is to help establish America as a country of freedom and opportunity for all citizens by identifying and working to elect principled leaders committed to promoting a free and prosperous America.

At Aegis, we know that electability requires far more than just commitment to a set of principles. It requires political savvy, message discipline, and tenacious fundraising.

That’s why we seek to help electable advocates of the freedom and opportunity agenda who will be forceful at both the policy and political levels.

We work to elect our clients by deploying the best team of political professionals available at the most affordable rates possible at every stage of the campaign process.

Planning Your Campaign

General Consulting

Put the Aegis team’s 78 years of combined experience to work:

  • Build your team
  • Assemble campaign plans and budgets
  • Obtain strategic advice.
Opposition & Issue Research

A winning campaign is a well-prepared campaign. Aegis works with top policy and political teams who have worked for national committees, presidential campaigns, and dozens of Senate, House, and gubernatorial campaigns across the country.

Developing Your Strategy

Targeted Fundraising

The Aegis fundraising team takes on a limited number of candidates each election cycle and markets to Aegis’ exclusive fundraising network.

Data Targeting and Management

Maximizing the impact of your voter contact efforts starts with building the best data. Aegis can build and manage your voter file through microtargeting, list acquisitions, and voter identification efforts to most effectively reach the voters needed to win.

Policy and Message Development

Aegis can connect campaigns with policy experts and communications experts at leading think tanks to enhance your policy proposals and messaging.

Achieving Your Victory

Direct Mail

Aegis can build and execute a top-notch direct mail campaign that effectively targets the voters that county, so your dollars go farther.

TV, Radio & Cable

Aegis works with award-winning, creative production teams that deliver strong, effective messaging while keeping mark-ups and ad placement fees to the bare minimum.


From automated calls, to live calls, to telephone townhalls, Aegis manages excellent phone projects that maximize affordability and effectiveness while ensuring legal compliance.

Social Media and Digital Campaigns

Aegis’ social media campaigns identify people talking about your campaign on Facebook and Twitter, allowing you to communication directly with potential supporters to expand you list of supports, donors, and volunteers.